• 2019

    Great success for Emilio Bulfon’s Wines Saturday, July 28th, in the splendid setting of Villa di Toppo Florio in Buttrio (UD), where the 2019 Coronas of the Vinibuoni d’Italia guide were proclaimed, published by the Italian Touring Club and curated by Mario Busso and Alessandro Scorsone.
    We are proud to announce the double award obtained by our Forgiarìn 2016, in the race among the 725 finalist wines sent from all over Italy.
    Our autochthonous red won the Golden Star and won the Crown in the category “Today I decide the crowns”, voted by a very attentive and prepared public, made up of sommeliers, journalists, producers and winelovers.

  • 2014

    An important new recognition for the Bulfon winery in Valeriano: within the eleventh edition of Autochtona, the Pinzanese company received the special prize “Terroir”, awarded to the label that best represents the expression of the grape variety linked to its territory reference, with the black piculit 2013.

  • 2010

    A major milestone was reached by Emilio Bulfon on 8 April 2010 when he has been awarded “Benemerito della vitivinicoltura italiana 2010”, Gran Medaglia di Cangrande della Scala at the 43rd edition of Vinitaly, the international exhibition of European wines held every year in Verona. A prestigious recognition that every year, since 1973, the VeronaFiere autonomous Authority gives to only one person from each Italian Region to reward those who have made outstanding contributions in the enhancement of the wine culture of a territory, and with their professional and entrepreneurial activity have contributed to the advancement of vine cultivation and wine production quality of their own region or Country.

  • 2005

    A”Luciano Savio” Certificate of Merit awarded by Pordenone Fiere “for the important contribution in terms of innovation and economic development expressed through his business activity, promoting the economic and social growth of our territory” (03.09.2005)

  • 1989

    Nobile del Ducato dei Vini (30.06.1989)

  • 1987

    For the work done in safeguarding an endangered genetic heritage started in 1964, the Provincial Administration of Pordenone, in 1987, awarded him the gold medal and promoted the scientific publication Dalle colline spilimberghesi nuove viti e nuovi vini, by E. Bulfon, R. Forti, G. Zuliani, Province of Pordenone, 1987.  A Certificate of Merit awarded by the Provincial Administration of Pordenone “for the recovery, in the area of Spilimbergo, of ancient and prestigious vine species starting a first production of wines that turned to be of high quality and commercial interest”. (10.09.1987)

  • 1983

    Gold Medal awarded to Emilio Bulfon (sommelier of the F. V. G. Regional section since 30.03.1972) by: Province of Pordenone, Mountain Community and Municipality of Castelnovo del Friuli “to testify the qualified work done with technology and passion for the enhancement of Castelnovo del Friuli area traditional wines” (29.05.1983)