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The Emilio Bulfon winery is located at the foothills of the province of Pordenone, surrounded by woods, hills and the banks of the river Tagliamento, one of the oldest rivers in Europe. With its vineyards it stretches all over the territory including the municipalities of Castelnovo del Friuli and Pinzano al Tagliamento, on a partly hilly surface consisting of 15.90 hectares, 11 of them devoted to the cultivation of native Friulan recovered varieties. 

The winery tries to combine technological innovations in the wine industry with the exploitation of the territory’s resources: surrounded by nature, it consists of a modern winery, a shop, a large tasting room with an ethnographic collection and offers the overnight accommodation and breakfast to those who want to stay in its holiday farm, accredited with 5 daisies by ERSA, that makes available four rooms and a pool.

Since 2006 the winery, also qualified by ERSA as Educational Farm, promotes not only the wines, but also the rich heritage of history and art of the territory.  It is no coincidence that the logo of the winery and the wines labels, now unmistakable, have been inspired by a detail of a medieval fresco, that can be admired in the Church of Santa Maria dei Battuti di Valeriano, depicting “The Last Supper”. The wine tourist is offered the opportunity to be guided during the visit of the various terraced vineyards and to cycle through the hills, but also to visit the local churches that preserve important works (frescoes by Pordenone), the castle of Savorgnan Counts, the Austro-Hungarian shrine, the bridge of Pinzano sul Tagliamento and a natural environment that fortunately has so far remained untouched.

The Bulfon winery for years is part of the Wine Tourism Movement, is member of the Consortium for the protection of “Grave del Friuli” DOC wines, the association of producers EnoPordenone and the Women of Wine Association (Friuli Venezia Giulia delegation). The winery has obtained the Educational Farm qualification by ERSA and the latter has also accredited the Holiday Farm with four daisies..