The Emilio Bulfon winery is known in the region for having rediscovered, recovered and developed ancient indigenous grape varieties of the western Friuli area: Ucelut, Piculit Neri, Sciaglin, Forgiarin, Cividin, Cjanorie and Cordenossa.

For those who love nature and are dedicated to sports, there are possibilities for mountain biking, road biking, jogging and hiking in the surrounding valleys (Val Cosa, Val d’Arzino, Val Tramontina) towards the Tagliamento river and the wooded hills of Castelnovo del Friuli, Pinzano al Tagliamento, Forgaria nel Friuli and San Daniele del Friuli. One may also hike along trail CAI 822 called Anello di Pinzano (“Pinzano ring”), which is about 9 km long with a height difference of 450 m.

For amateurs and connoisseurs of art history, guided tours to local churches (Valeriano, Pinzano, Lestans) are ideal to admire the many works of art. Among them: the Pilacorte sculptures, frescoes of Giovanni Antonio de Sacchis (called “il Pordenone”) and of Pomponio Amalteo, paintings by Gianantonio Guardi and the masterpieces of the nearby roman gothic cathedral of Spilimbergo with the nearby castle of Spengenberg and its fresco painted Palazzo. Bear in mind that Spilimbergo is only 7 km away from Valeriano, location of the Emilio Bulfon winery.